Best Group 94R/H7 Batteries 2022 [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

With having to replace a Group H7/94R battery for your vehicle, you have plenty of options to choose from. Getting the right one for your vehicle will make your life a lot easier.

You will no longer need to worry that your vehicle won’t start on those cold damp mornings. It could also save you a lot of money not having to replace it more often. So now you can see why buying the right battery for your vehicle is essential.

This Group H7/94R battery buying guide will help make sure that you choose the right one for your vehicle and your needs.

In a hurry? Find a list of the best Group 94R/ H7 batteries below:

ACDelco Group 94R/H7ACDelco Group 94R/H7
  • Size: 12.4x6.9x7.5 in
  • CCA: 850
  • RC: 140
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Delphi Group 94R/H7Delphi Group 94R/H7
  • Size: 12.4x6.9x7.5 in
  • CCA: 800
  • RC: 140
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Deka Group 94R/H7Deka Group 94R/H7
  • Size: 12.44x6.87x7.5 in
  • CCA: 800
  • RC: 140
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What Is An H7 Battery? Is There any Difference between H7 and 94R Battery?

In answer to the above question, both the Group H7 and Group 94R batteries are the same. They are known by the other names as well, such as L4, and LN4.  So when it comes to replacing an old H7 battery, you can actually replace it with a 94R model.

Just as with the H7 battery, you can use a Group 94R battery in a variety of vehicles. But mainly best used in either automobiles or light commercial vehicles.

3 Features To Consider When Buying H7/94R Battery

When thinking about buying a Group H7/94R battery, there are certain features you need to consider.

3 features to consider when buying new 94R/H7 battery
3 important things to consider when buying a new battery: Battery size, CCA rating, and RC rating.

#1 Feature: Dimension

It is important to note that space where the battery will be located, is limited. So you need to choose one that will fit easily into the space provided. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to spend money to make changes so that it does.

Whether you buy a Group H7 or Group 94R battery, both measure 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches.

#2 Feature: CCA Rating

Inspect the battery’s CCA rating as this tells you the maximum current it can provide. When it comes to H7 and 94R batteries, they have a CCA rating of between 620 and 950 amps.

So, choose one that at least has the same CCA rating that the current battery in your vehicle has. If you are in cold environments, pick the battery with the highest CCA rate as you can for easily starting the car In the morning.

#3 Feature: RC Rating

This rating shows you how much time it will provide you with 25 amps of current for a specific period. Both the H7 and 94R batteries have an RC rating of around 135 minutes. This rating is essential when buying one of these batteries. It clearly identifies just how much additional load they can handle.

Best Group H7/94R Batteries You Should Buy

As already mentioned above, there are many Group H7/94R batteries to choose from. But below are 3 that you should consider buying.

AC Delco Gold Group H7/94R AGM Battery

AC Delco Gold Group 94R
AC Delco Gold Group H7/94R Battery
This top-quality Delco battery is a nice replacement for your bad battery, both 94R and H7. Price is much less than an off-brand by a local auto parts store. Buy now, the stock sells out very fast..

This battery measures 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches and weighs only 51.6 lbs. Using silver calcium in its makeup helps not only to increase the battery’s life cycle but also improves its performance.

This battery comes with a CCA rating of 850. It also comes with a 140-minute RC rating. Making it the perfect battery to be used in both cars, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles.

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Delphi Group H7/94R AGM Automotive Battery

Delphi BU9094R
Delphi Group H7/94R Battery
Fast delivery, reliability, easy installation, and exact compatibility are 4 main reasons to buy this product and put your battery worries to rest.

Like, the AC Delco battery above this one measures in at 12.438 x 6.875 x 7.5 inches and weighs just 52 lbs. Not only is this great value for your money, but it will provide the power that all the electronics in your vehicle will need.

The technology used in the making of these batteries is among the best. It provides your vehicle with power when it is most needed. It comes with an 800 CCA rating and a 140-minute RC rating. So again, another battery is perfect for use in cars and other lightweight vehicles.

Deka Group H7/94R AGM Battery

Deka 9A94R
Deka 9A94R Group H7/94R Battery
Deka 9A94R is a perfect replacement for those high cranking applications with its CCA rate of 800.

For finding a good battery for installation in, say, your BMW or Audi, this is the perfect option. It fits neatly into the space provided, measuring just 12.438 x 6.875 x 7.5 inches, and weighs just only 20 lbs.

It will still provide sufficient power to your vehicle for such a lightweight battery, even if it is an SUV. It has the same CCA rating as the Delphi being 800 amps, and also comes with a 140-minute RC rating. So you can see why they’ve been included in this selection.

Can You Replace Group H7/94R Battery With Another Group Size Battery?

Yes, you can replace your current H7/94R battery with one that comes with a different Group number. However, you will need to replace it with one that comes with the same height, length, and width measurements. If it doesn’t have the exact measurements, you may need to replace the battery box.

It would be best to make sure that the new battery has the same CCA and RC ratings as the current battery has. This will ensure that your vehicle is getting enough energy to power it.

3 group sizes can replace the H7 battery including H8/49, H6/48, and Group 31.

#1 Option: Replace Group H7/94R With Group H8/49 Battery

If you would like to replace a group H7/94R battery with a Group H8/49 battery, it is possible. But you may need to install a new battery box, as the H8 battery is 1.5 inches longer.

It is worth considering not only does the H8 have a higher CCA rating but also a higher RC rating. Such batteries come with a CCA rating of 850-950 amps and an RC rating of 160-170 minutes.

Best H8 Battery For Replacing H7: ACDelco 49AGM Professional

ACDelco 49AGM
ACDelco Group H8/49 Battery
ACdelco Group H8/49 is a perfect alternative battery for higher better specs: higher RC and CCA ratings.

You’ll find more that ACDelco batteries have been fitted in over 2 million GM vehicles each year. They have manufactured all to meet the user’s expectations with their form, fit, and function. This model measures 13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches and weighs only 58.6 lbs. It comes with a CCA rating of 900 and an RC rating of 160 minutes.

We can rely on them to provide power when needed most, i.e., when you start your vehicle’s engine. They also can be used in an array of vehicles from cars to motorboats and even RV’s, campers, and SUVs.

# Option 2: Replace Group H7/94R With Group H6/48 Battery

If you want to, you can replace an H7 battery with an H6 one. But be aware you may have to replace the battery box in which the battery is sitting. This is because the H6, although the same height and width as an H7 model, is 1.5 inches shorter.

There isn’t really that much difference between these two types of battery, other than the price. So it may be worth spending that little extra on getting a new H7 battery rather than an H6 one. However, if you are considering replacing an H7 with an H6, consider the following.

Best H6 Battery For Replacing H7: ACDelco Gold 48AGM

ACDelco Gold 48AGM
ACDelco Gold Group H6/48 AGM Battery
This ACDelco product is a very strong battery and comes with handles which made it so easy to install. It’s a brand new battery and will be long lasting for 9 to 10 years.

This battery measures 11.9 x 7.5 x 7.6 inches and weighs in at only 45.5 lbs. It comes with a CCA rating of 760, which is very similar to that you’d find with many H7 batteries. It also has an RC rating of 120 minutes; this is less than you would get from using an H7/94R battery in your vehicle.

These batteries seem to have quite a good battery life; in fact, some cases can last up to 7 years before needing to be replaced.

# Option 3: Replace Group H7/94R With A Group 31 Battery

If you’d like to replace your current H7/94R battery with a Group 31 battery, you can. But you will need to install a new battery box first, as this type is 1.5 inches longer than the H7.

They often measure around 13 x 6.8 x 9.43 inches and come with a CCA rating of 750-1250 and an RC rating of 150=250 minutes.

Best Group 31 Battery For Replacing H7: NorthStar Ultra Performance

NorthStar Ultra High Performance
NorthStar Group 31 Battery
This battery will make you happy from the product’s quality to delivery service. A nice replacement for high-demand environments where the price premium is worth it.

This Group 31 battery measures 12.91 x 6.77 x 9.25 inches and weighs in at a hefty 75 lbs. It comes with a CCA rating of 1150 and an RC rating of 220 minutes.

This model will provide more than enough power for any vehicle, especially SUVs such as an old jeep. It is excellent as it provides enough energy for starting and providing power to all electrical components in a vehicle. Although you may need to replace the battery box, you’ll find that this outlay is very minimal, as these prove outstanding value for money.

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Final Thought 

So with the Group H7/94R battery, you have a few options to choose from. Plus, you can if you want to replace them with another model.

There are three, however, that you should consider purchasing.

#1 Deka Intimidator Battery – Score: 9/10

This lightweight battery provides more than enough power to start any engine in any size vehicle that it can fit in. It even comes with a good or even better CCA and RC rating than some more costly models.

#2 – ACDelco Gold 94R Battery – Score: 8/10

With a CCA rating of 850, it has sufficient starting power for SUVs, cars, and light commercial vehicles. Also, the use of silver calcium in manufacturing these batteries helps to increase this battery’s life cycle.

#3NorthStar Ultra High Performance Battery – Score: 8/10

Want to replace your current H7 battery with a Group 31, then this is a great one to choose. Not only does it come with a high CCA rating but also a great RC rating as well. It will provide your vehicle with power to get it started as well as run all electrical components.

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