10 Best Jump Starter For Diesel Engines Review 2022 [with Buying Guide]

Why should you consider buying a jump starter for your truck? Well, it’s probably happened to all of us at one time or another. You’re in a hurry, jump in your truck, turn the ignition key and all you hear is a click.

Batteries can fail for many reasons, but so often it happens at the most awkward time. This is where a jump starter comes in, getting you back on the road until you have time to fix the problem.

But what size jump starter is best for your diesel truck? Let’s look at the options.

What Size Jump Starter For Diesel?


How many amps do I need for a diesel jump starter?

First, diesel engines need more power to start than the same size petrol engine, this is just a fact due to their design. When you choose a diesel jump starter, make sure to check the amperage is sufficient for your diesel vehicle (from 400 amps to 2000 amps).

  • Light Duty Diesel Trucks: Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, RAM 2500-3500. These trucks require 400 – 600 amps.
  • Medium Duty Diesel Trucks: Ford F-450, F-550, F-650, RAM 4500 – 5500. For these trucks, you need around 600 – 800 amps.
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks: Ford F-650, F750, Kenworth T680, T880. These large engine trucks will need between 800 and 2000 amps.

Check the cranking amps rating, not peak amps

When you check the specifications of a jump starter, there may be several figures quoted for the amperage. It is important to know the difference. The two main values quoted are peak amps and cranking amps.

Peak Amps

This is the absolute maximum number of amps your jump starter can provide. It will quite likely be a high figure, maybe 1000 amps or even 3000 amps, but there is a big problem with this. Your jump starter can only provide this power for a very short period, and not long enough to start your engine.

Cranking Amps (CA)

The Cranking Amps (Starting amp) of your jump starter is the crucial value. On average, a car with a flat battery will need between one and three seconds on a jump starter to start the engine. For that reason, it’s crucial that your jump starter can provide the CA amps for around 30 seconds.

Jump starters will usually quote the size of engine they are designed for, but we recommend a more powerful jump starter to be safe.

The table below indicates the relationship between peak amps, and cranking amps based on engine liter sizes:

  • Peak amp: 6000A 
  • Cranking amp: 2100A
  • Engine size: 12L Diesel
  • Supported models: Diesel Semi-Trucks
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Noco GBX155Noco GBX155
  • Peak amp: 4250A
  • Cranking amp: 885A
  • Engine size: 8L Diesel
  • Supported models: Ford F550 - F750
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  • Peak amp: 4000A
  • Cranking amp: 833A
  • Engine size: 8L Diesel
  • Supported models: Ford F550 – F750 
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NOCO GB150 3000ANOCO GB150 3000A
  • Peak amp: 3,000A
  • Cranking amp: 625A
  • Engine size: 7L Diesel
  • Supported models: Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, RAM 2500- 5500
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2 Best Jump Starters For Diesel Semi-Trucks

1. AVAPOW 6000A 32000mAh Heavy-Duty Jump Starter

AVAPOW 6000A 32000mAh

The AVAPOW 6000A packs a real punch, with 6000 amps peak power, and around 2100 cranking amps provide enough ability to start any size gas engine and diesel of up to 12 liters. The impressive claimed 32,000 mAh internal battery will give up to 50 jump starts on a single charge.

On one end of the case is a powerful LED flashlight with three modes, plus several connections on the side. A USB-C for charging the internal battery, 2 USB sockets to connect mobiles and other electrical items, and a 12V DC output. There are eight safety features built in to ensure operator safety when jump-starting your truck.

The only downside seems to be that the claim of 32,000 mAh is a little optimistic and closer to 24,000, but that is still plenty of power, especially at the great price of around $140.

2. NOCO GBX155 4250A Diesel Jump Starter

NOCO Boost X GBX155 4250A


NOCO is a very well-known name, and the Boost X GBX155 follows the recognizable company look. Giving 4250 peak amps and around 885 starting amps, the GBX155 has the power to start engines up to 10-liter gas or 8-liter diesel.

Internally, the lithium-ion battery is rated at 6,750 mAh, with plenty of power to supply multiple electronic devices through the various USB ports. NOCO doesn’t quote the number of starts between charging, but it should be between 20 and 30, depending on engine size.

The NOCO’s biggest downside is the price, which at around $350, is at the top end of the market.

Best Jump Starters For Diesel Pickups

1. AUTOGEN 4500 Amp for 7.3L Powerstroke

AUTOGEN 4000 Amp 32000mAh


Capable of starting diesel or gas engines up to 10-liters, the AUTOGEN 4500 is a very capable jump starter. As the name suggests, they rate the internal battery at 4,500 amps peak current, with a cranking amp rating of around 900 amps. This is plenty of power to jump-start 10-liter gas or diesel engines.

The internal lithium polymer battery provides 32,000 mAh, allowing you to charge multiple electronic items via the two USB connections or the USB-C port for quick charging. There is also a 12V socket for powering automotive accessories such as tire pumps and car vacuums. A powerful LED lamp is a useful addition.

2. GOOLOO 4000A Peak Amps for 7.3L Diesel

GOOLOO 4000A Peak 800 Cranking amps


With 4000 peak amps and a cranking amp rating of 800 amps, the GOOLOO 4000A will quickly fire up any gas-powered engine or a diesel engine up to 10 liters.

The internal battery is a 26,800 mAh item, providing plenty of power to recharge all your electronic gadgets and giving you multiple engine starts before recharging it.

On the end of the case is a three-mode LED flashlight, and along the side are two USB ports, one of which is a Type C quick charger connection.

At around €189, the GOOLOO is good value, and the only downside is the relatively short battery connection cables.

3. Schumacher DSR 4400A for 7.3L Cummins & Powerstroke

Schumacher DSR 4400A


The Schumacher stands out from the crowd by shunning the compact dimensions of the others on the test. The outer case is much larger and heavier, but it provides both 12V and 24V starter outputs to make up for this.

The peak amps output is 4400, but the cranking amps is a relatively low 750A rating. Despite this, Schumacher claims it can easily start all class 8 vehicles.

A separate DC power pack with a USB connector is supplied, while on the main jump starter, you’ll find a 12V outlet for automotive accessories.

There are two downsides to Schumacher. First, the size and weight of the jump starter, coming in at 41.2 pounds, and second, the cost, which is around $446.

4. Noco GB150 3000 Peak Amps For 6.7L Diesel

Noco GB150 3000 Peak Amps


For mid-sized engines of up to 9-liter gasoline or 7-liter diesel, the NOCO Boost Pro GB150 could be a perfect choice. With 3000 peak amps and around 625 cranking amps, the GB150 internal lithium battery will give you up to 40 jump starts before it requires recharging.

On the case, you’ll find a 500-lumen LED flashlight, two USB connectors, and 12V input/output sockets.

Compared to many others here, the USB-C connector is missing, which allows for fast charging of devices and the internal battery. With the GB150 at the $299 price point, it really should include a USB-C connector.

2 Best Jump Starter For V8

1. AVAPOW 3000A Peak

AVAPOW 3000A Peak

The AVAPOW 3000 is the smaller version of the already reviewed AVAPOW 6000. If you have vehicles with engines of up to 8-liters, this cheaper version gives you the power you need. The internal battery offers 3,000 peak amps, around 625 starting amps (~ 400 CCA), and 23,800 mAh of power, giving you up to 30 jump starts from a single charge.

Two USB ports are available for charging your devices, while a Type-C input allows fast charging of the internal battery. There is also a 12V output and an LED flashlight.

At just $92, there is very little to complain about with the AVAPOW, and at just 3 pounds in weight, you can store it almost anywhere.

2. AUTOGEN 3000A Jump Starter

AUTOGEN 3000A Jump Starter


AUTOGEN’s 3,000 amp jump starter has enough power for gas and diesel engines of up 10-liters and will give you up to 30 starts before it needs recharging. The large 28,000 mAh internal battery has plenty of power to run or charge your electronic devices via the built-in USB ports, plus there is a 12V cigarette lighter port for tire pumps and car vacuums.

A USB-C input allows quick charging of the internal battery to keep your jump starter ready to go. On one end of the case is an LED flashlight.

At only $130, this is a good choice for larger engines, but we found the battery connection cables a little short.

2 Best Jump Starters For Diesel Vans

1. Imazing 2500A Peak

Imazing 2500A Peak


The Imazing is one of the cheapest on the review, at just $80, but it still packs a punch. The internal battery gives you 20,000 mAh of power, 2,500 peak amps, and around 5550 cranking amps (350 CCA), and the Imazing is fantastic value. There is enough power to jump-start gas and diesel engines up to 8-liters.

The Imazing is also a practical charging station for your electronic items, with two USB ports, one USB-C port for quick charging, and 12V DC output. Add to this the bright LED flashlight, and you have a practical jump starter that will fit in your glove compartment.

We didn’t like the short battery connectors, making it awkward to connect on some vehicles.

2. NEXPOW 2500A



The Nexpow is another excellent value jump starter, coming in at just $80. For that price, you’ll get a 2,500 peak amp, 22,000 mAh battery that gives around 545 cranking amps. The power offered should be enough for 30 jump starts before the internal lithium battery needs recharging. As with the Imazing, the Nexpow can jump-start gas or diesel engines up to 8-liters.

On the case are two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, a 12V output, and a four-mode LED flashlight.

The only downside we noted is that the case doesn’t look as sturdy as the more expensive competition. But on the plus side, it is very small and light for your glove compartment.

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