Write For Us

If you’re a mechanic, a car guy or an automotive blogger and looking for a place to share your experience and everything related to batteries, battery chargers, power inverters, jump-starters, batteryglobe.com can offer you with a chance to do so.

Please have a good look at the guidelines below and ensure that you follow them so that your article is possibly posted on my website.

Submission guidelines

  1. We do accept guest posts. But, we’ll never publish anything less than high-quality. If you have good and genuine content meeting our requirements and helpful to our readers, we would be more than happy to post it!
  2. The content must:
  • be unique, detailed and easy to understand, with 700+ words
  • be free of spelling or grammar errors
  • pass copyscape.com

See Steps below to get your article approved and posted.

  1. Any links included in the post must be related to the subject covered in the post and should link only to quality pages; we won’t insert links pointing to spammy or shitty websites.
  2. Once published, the content will be owned by us. You have no more right to use it anywhere else.
  3. We owe the right to edit and make some minor changes to the post. Nothing major but just so you know it could happen.

If you don’t create your posts with care, we don’t want that on our website.

Steps to get your article approved and posted

Step 1. Send me an email to timmiller dot battery at gmail dot com with a suggestion of the topic (or just keywords and I’ll give you the topic). Remember to include your website URL.

Step 2. After the topic is agreed, send me an outline of the article

Step 3. After I agree on the outline, you can start writing as the guidelines below:

For sentences

  • Each sentence should be as short as a line, easy to follow.
  • MAXIMUM of 25% of sentences contains more than 20 words.
  • MAXIMUM of 10% of sentences contains passive voice.
  • MINIMUM of 30% of sentences contains transition phrases or words.
  • Only use the same subject for a MAXIMUM of 2 continuous sentences.

For paragraphs

Each paragraph should be a maximum of 3 lines long.


Each heading should be less than 300 words. If more than 300 words, try to insert another subheading.

Step 4. Send me the draft when completed. Get it edited

Step 5. Send me the edited version in text format.

What you’ll get

  • The possibility to add your bio at the bottom of the page.
  • 1 backlink in the content body and another one in the author bio.

If you are serious about this send me an email to [email protected], and I will get back to you shortly.