About Battery Globe

Our mission

At Battery Globe, we value Honesty and Professionalism. We always take time to ensure that every technical detail and information in our articles are correct and helpful.

Our goal is to help you avoid costly repair bills and maintain your vehicle in tip-top condition for years. With the right guidance, we believe that anyone can do it.

We test out every product to see how well they work so that you don’t have to. We outline exactly how to perform repairs because we’ve done them before. Instead of paying someone to fix your car, we’ll guide you on how to do it yourself.

Who we are?

Tim Miller

My name is Tim Miller. I come from Denver, Colorado.

Cars are everything to me and they drive me to discover more and more.

I knew incidentally how a car battery worked by searching on the Internet. Now I have over 8 years of experience in car repair and using car batteries. With what I know, I think I should share it with everyone. That’s the reason I created this blog.

If you are a vehicle owner, it’s always necessary and useful if you can know your car’s problems before it becomes a big bill or dangerous for yourself.

If you are an auto mechanic, it can save you much time in a car’s problem diagnosis.

I have some detailed articles if you want to understand fully about the best car batteries on the market.

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Billy Thompson

I have worked in the automotive field for over 7 years. Car is my first love and passion. Currently, I’m working as a mechanic in a small garage in Denver.

Being an editor, I want to share my enthusiasm and experience with everyone who shares the same hobby in automotive.

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What we cover?

We put together batteries related Guides, Tips, and Product Reviews that answer every question you may have, including but not limited to:

  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Car battery jump starter
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

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