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We all rely on our cars so much these days that when something goes wrong, it can cause a significant problem. Your car battery has a limited working life and can fail suddenly.

Thankfully, there are battery jump starter kits available that will get you back on the road quickly with a minimum of fuss. In this review, we look at 3 different models from the Noco GB range: Noco GB40, GB70, and GB150.

Key Things NOCO GB40 vs. NOCO GB70 vs. NOCO GB150 Have In Common

As all three products on the review are from the same manufacturer, Noco, you would expect quite a few similarities. We will briefly cover what features are the same before a more in-depth look at what distinguishes the models from each other.

Battery Types Supported

As the Noco jump starters are designed for getting cars and other vehicles running, they all support the same battery types. You can use this on any lead-acid battery electrical system, including AGM-type batteries.

USB Sockets

USB sockets are now ubiquitous on most electronic devices, and the Noco jump starters are no exception. They all have an input micro-USB and an output USB connecter.

You can use the input connector for charging the jump starters. You can use the output connector to recharge your phone, tablet, or other devices.

LED Light

Standard across the Noco brand of chargers and jump starters is the inclusion of an LED lamp on the end of the unit.

Internal Battery Charge Indicator

Knowing the internal battery charge is vital since the jump starters are designed to save you when your standard car battery dies! Therefore, a battery charge indicator is standard on all three models.

Safety Features

Lead-acid batteries can give off dangerous explosive gasses, so all Noco jump starters include some standard safety features. The most important of these is the reverse polarity detection feature, which prevents sparks when the clamps are misconnected.

Manual Override

The Noco jump starters have auto battery detection built-in. This is part of the safety features, but the unit will not work if the battery is too low.

Manual override allows you to disable this feature and put power into the battery. It is essential to realize that manual override disables all the safety features, so you should use it carefully.

NOCO GB40 vs. GB70 vs. GB150: 5 Key Differences

Despite all three jump starters having the same primary function, there are some significant differences. Choosing which model is ideal for you will depend on the vehicle you have now and if you plan to change in the future.

Complete Comparison Table of 3 Noco Jump Starter

Noco GB40
Noco GB40
Check Price
Noco GB70
Noco GB70
Check Price
Noco GB150
Noco GB150
Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceNoco GB40 priceNoco GB70 priceNoco GB150 price
Size (inches)7.7 x 3.2 x 1.78.8 x 3.9 x 2.812.4 x 5 x 2.7
Weight2.4 pounds5 pounds7.5 pounds
Peak Amps1000 A2000 A3000 A
Vehicle compatibility6-liter gasoline
3-liter diesel
8-liter gasoline
6-liter diesel
9-liter gasoline
7-liter diesel
Jump Starts Per ChargeUp to 20Up to 40Up to 80
Charging Time3 hours7 hours11 hours
Inputs + 2.1A USB+ 2.1A USB
+ 12V 3A
+ 2.1A USB
+ 12V 3A
Output(s) + 2.1A USB+ 2.1A USB
+ 12V 3A
+ 2.1A USB
+ 12V 3A
On / Off Safety Switch
Reverse Polarity Alarm
Integrated voltmeter----
Fast charging with 12V inputN/A3 hours3 hours
Flash light/ LED light 100 lumen LED400 Lumen500 Lumen
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Pros+ Small size, lightweight
+ Great price
+ Suit a wide range of engine types
+ 40 jump starts/ 1 charge
+ Inputs/Outputs: Varied
+ Built-in voltmeter
+ Strong lumen light
+ Big cranking power
Cons- No fast charge
- For smaller engines only
- No integrated voltmeter- Cost 3 times more than GB40
- Overkill for most buyers

Features and Functions

Charging Current: Can recharge GB70 and GB150 faster using 12V sockets

This relates to the current you can use to charge the internal battery. The higher the current, the quicker you can charge the battery.

The GB40 can only be charged via the USB connector, which has a maximum input of 2.1 amps.

You can charge both the GB70 and GB150 via USB or 12V sockets. The 12-volt sockets have higher amperage limits, with a maximum charge current of 3 amps on the GB70, while the GB150 is 5amps.

Peak Starting Current: 1000A or 2000A or 3000A, which is the best-suited jumper for your engine size?

The smallest jump starter, the GB40, has a peak current of 1000A, with the GB70 offering 2000A and the largest GB150 giving a powerful 3000A. The more powerful the starting current, the larger the engine the jump starter can turn over.

Charging Time: Take only 3 hours to fully charge all 3 devices

Combining the charging current and the capacity of the battery gives you the time required to charge it. The GB40 is a little restricted, as you can only charge it at a maximum of 2.1 amps via the USB connector, and it will take three hours.

Fast charging of both the GB70 and the GB150 can be achieved using the 12V socket, taking just three hours for the much larger capacity batteries.

Jump Starts per Charge: GB70/GB150 for those who prefer a fast-charging & long-lasting jump starter

With a larger battery comes more jump starts from a single charge. The GB40 gives you 20 attempts, while the 70 and 150 models will provide you with 40 and 80 starts, respectively.

LED Light

While they all have an LED lamp, the power varies between the models. The smallest has a 100-lumen light, while the other two are 400 and 500 lumen, respectively.



At just under eight inches long and weigh only 2.4 pounds, the GB40 is light and compact, easily fitting into the glovebox of your car.

Only slightly larger is the GB70, but the GB150 jumps in length to over 12 inches, and it’s also bulkier at five inches wide.


As you’d expect, the three models increase in weight as the battery size increase.

The smallest model is just 2.4 pounds, but the GB150 is three times heavier at 7.5 pounds. That said, none are particularly heavy, thanks to the internal Lithium-Ion battery.

Supported Vehicles Models/Makes

  • GB40. Supports gas engines up to 6-liter and diesel up to 3-liter.
  • GB70. Supports gas engines up to 8-liter and diesel up to 6-liter.
  • GB150. Supports gas engines up to 9-liter and diesel up to 7-liter.

Additional Features

12 Volt Input Socket

We mentioned this earlier, as it provides an additional way to charge your Noco jump starter, but it’s only offered on the GB70 and GB150. The 12 volt allows you to recharge your Noco while in the car, using the auxiliary power supply socket provided in all vehicles.

12 Volt Output Socket

The GB70 and GB150 offer 12V output sockets, allowing you to power a range of 12-volt devices, such as electric air pumps. The GB40 does without this feature.


As you would imagine, the price increases as you add more features and power. The smallest unit, the GB40, is the cheapest by some margin, at under $100.

The GB70 comes in at just under $200 but adds some useful features and more power. Top of this group is the GB150 at around $300, but you’re unlikely ever to need any other jump starter.

Which Jumper Should Your Buy?

Low-cost Investment Charger: Noco Boost Plus GB40

Noco GB40
NOCO GB40 1000A Jump Starter For 6-Liter Gasoline and 3-Liter Diesel Engines
Impressive power and lightweight jump starter for road trips if you have an older battery. Noco GB40 only weighs 2.6 pounds with heavy-duty clamps. The cords are short but the unit is so small so you can put it right near the battery jump hookups.


  • Noco quality at a great price
  • One-tenth the weight of equivalent battery jumpers


  • No fast charge
  • Only jump-starts smaller engines

The GB40 is one of the smaller jump starters in the range, and you should buy this if you only intend to own small to medium cars.

Noco GB40 comes with a cloth bag, not a hardshell case. You can buy a storage case for your jumpstarter separately if you want on Amazon. It costs around $17 but it’s worth the investment to easily hold and protect all of the included components.

Protection Case For GB20/GB40


Great Option For Jumping Most Engines: NOCO Genius Boost GB70

Noco GB70
NOCO GB70 2000A Jump Starter For 8-Liter Gasoline and 6-Liter Diesel Engine
Noco GB70 is strong and durable for jumping most vehicles you have. Just charge it in 3 hours and you can save your drained batteries around 40 times total. It is perfect size and weight to carry with you anywhere you go.


  • Suitable for a wide range of engine types
  • Up to 40 jump starts


  • Do not come with a storage case

Noco’s GB70 sits in the middle of the range and is suitable for most engines. You should buy the GB70 if you own medium to large cars.

If you prefer a solid storage case for your GB70, go for NOCO GBC014. Keeping your jump starter in a good case can greatly extend its life. You can buy it at Noco store on Amazon.

A Monster For Very Large Engines: Noco Boost PRO GB150

Noco GB150
NOCO GB150 3000A Jump Starter For 9-Liter Gasoline & 7-Liter Diesel Engines
Noco GB150 does what it’s advertised to do. It is so much more than a jump starter: start large engines, check alternator/generator voltage with a digital voltmeter, etc. Order it now, you never know when you’re going to need it.


  • Built-in voltmeter
  • Powerful 500 lumen light
  • Big cranking power


  • Cost 3 times more than GB40
  • Overkill for most buyers

The GB150 is the most powerful on the review and can start the most extensive range of vehicle engine sizes. For most people, it’s probably overkilling, but if you have or intend to buy a car with a very large engine, then this is the model for you.

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Can I charge my car battery with these?

No, these models cannot be used to charge the battery on your car. They are designed to get your car engine running.

Can I charge electronic devices with these?

You can. All three of the Noco jump starters in the review have a USB out connector, allowing you to charge smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Are jump starters safe to use?

Very much so. Noco has built-in safety features for all of their jump starters to detect misconnection and prevent dangerous sparks.

Can these jump starters be used more than once?

It depends on the internal battery size. You can use the three on the review between 20 and 80 times before they need recharging.

How do I recharge the jump starters?

This depends on the model. You can charge all the chargers on the review via a USB connector. The two larger models can also be charged via a 12-volt socket in your car.

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