Schumacher SC1343 vs Battery Tender Plus vs Noco Genius2: Which Is The Best Trickle Charger?

Many of us now own multiple vehicles, each with a battery, and this is why it’s essential to find the best trickle charger for your situation. From your daily use car to maybe a motorcycle, a jet ski, or an ATV. Some of these vehicles may only get used occasionally and sit in the garage the rest of the time.

Being left unattended for long periods can be extremely bad for a battery, shortening its working life and often failing when you need it most! To keep your batteries in top condition, always use the best trickle charger you can find. In this review, there are three trickle chargers from well-known manufacturers.


Schumacher SC1343
Schumacher SC1343
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Battery Tender Plus
Battery Tender Plus
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Customer Rating
PriceSchumacher SC1343 priceBattery Tender Plus priceNoco Genius2 price
Charging Current1.5 A1.25 A2 A
Charging Volts6V/12V12V6V/12V
Size (inches)8.8 x 5.8 x 3.29 x 4.75 x 113.43 x 4.25 x 6.97
Type of ConnectorRings & ClipsRings & ClipsRings & Clips
Charger TypeMulti-stage, fully automatic4 step, fully automatic4 step, fully automatic
Reverse Polarity Protection
Overcharging Prevention
Quick Disconnect Plug
Thermal Compensation--
Ability To Charge Cars----
Charge 12V Lithium Battery ----
Desulfation Mode----
Charge Low Volt BatteryCan detect 0.2V battery--Can detect 1V battery
Warranty5 years5 years3 years

Schumacher SC1343 vs. Battery Tender Plus vs. NOCO Genius2: What Are Similarities?

As the three trickle chargers on test all keep your battery at its optimum charge level, they all have some features in common.

Battery Type: Lead-acid-type

The most common battery type in use on vehicles is the lead-acid battery and variants of it. All of these trickle chargers will work with lead-acid-type batteries.

Automatic Charging

We all prefer convenience these days, and that’s just what you get with these trickle chargers. All three have built-in automatic charging functions, you connect the battery, and the charger does the rest.

Safety Features

Good safety features are standard across most battery chargers, and the three on review are no exception. All include reverse polarity and overcharging protection as standard.

Quick-connect Cable

Some batteries are difficult to reach, which means you may forget about them. A quick-connect cable comes with all the trickle chargers on test and means you are far more likely to keep the battery in good condition.

Schumacher SC1343 vs. Battery Tender Plus vs. Noco Genius2: Key Differences Explained

Having discussed the similarities between the three trickle chargers on the test, it’s essential to look at the differences so you can choose between them.

Features and Functions

Battery Type

All the chargers work with lead-acid batteries, but a significant advantage of the NOCO Genius2 is that it also works with modern lithium batteries. As more vehicle manufacturers fit lithium batteries as standard, this feature will become necessary.

Charge Large Vehicle Batteries

With its 2A charging output, the NOCO Genius2 can maintain larger batteries and also charge car batteries. In comparison, the other two trickle chargers here are only suitable for charging smaller batteries.

Battery Voltage

Although used less often, some small engine vehicles still use 6 volt electrical systems. The Schumacher and the NOCO models will charge 6-volt batteries, while the more expensive Battery Tender cannot.


The Schumacher and Battery Tender have very basic designs, with very little apart from a charging light shown on the front panel. In comparison, the NOCO Genius2 shows the charge level through four LEDs, indicates the type of battery being charged, and has a mode button on the front panel.

Supported Vehicles Models/Makes

Only the NOCO Genius2, with its higher 2 amperes output, can charge and maintain car, motorhome, and other larger vehicle batteries. The Schumacher and Battery Tender models can charge smaller batteries but only maintain larger batteries.

Additional Features

Thermal Compensation

The outside temperature where you are charging your battery can affect the charge rate and the final charge state of your battery. The Schumacher is the only model here that does not offer thermal compensation, so consider this factor if your area has extreme temperatures.

Battery Detection

All the trickle chargers on the test are fully automatic and detect the battery connected. For example, the Schumacher will detect a battery with as little as 0.2 volts charge, while the NOCO will detect a battery with just 1 volt.

Unfortunately, the Battery Tender Plus doesn’t have this feature, so it cannot charge very flat batteries. An additional feature of the NOCO is the override button, which will force the charger to charge a battery with zero volts charge.

Desulfation Mode

Only the Schumacher includes a dedicated desulfation mode, which it switches to automatically if a sulfated battery is detected.

Price, Warranty

The Schumacher is the cheapest trickle charger here, at around $35, but it offers many features included with the others despite this. NOCO’s Genius2 is the mid-priced option at about $50 and provides the most features.

Unfortunately, the Battery Tender Plus looks very expensive in this company, at just below the $100 mark, and it is hard to justify the price against the others.

Both the Schumacher and the Battery Tender have 5-year warranties, while buyers of the NOCO will have to make do with only a 3-year warranty.

Which One Should You Buy?

Schumacher SC1343

Schumacher SC1343
Schumacher SC1343 1.5A 6/12V
Schumacher SC1343 maintains 1.5 Amps in motorbike, vehicle, or marine batteries. Automatic amperage rate adjustment and multi-stage charging controlled by a microprocessor for increased precision, safety, and battery life.


  • Price
  • 5-year warranty
  • Detects batteries that only have 0.2 volts charge
  • Includes a desulfation mode


  • Low 1.5A output


The Schumacher is hard to ignore at such a good price, and it’s perfect for owners of motorcycles, ATVs, and other small engine vehicles.

Battery Tender Plus 1.25A

Battery Tender Plus
Battery Tender Plus 1.25 AMP Battery Charger and Maintainer
Battery Tender Plus is small and light enough to be used anywhere, even in tight situations. This charger gives your machine’s battery a full charge before transitioning to float mode, which maintains correct voltage levels for safe, long-term storage without overcharging or harming the battery.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Thermal compensation during battery charging


  • Charges 12-volt batteries only
  • Only 1.25A output


Considering the massive price premium for the Battery Tender, we can only recommend this product to someone that likes the brand over other considerations.

Read more if you’re interested in higher amperage: Battery Tender 1.25 Amp Vs. 4 Amp Vs. 5 Amp: How big of a Tender do I need?

NOCO Genius2

<br />
NOCO GENIUS2, 6V and 12V Battery Charger
Designed for flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, as well as lithium-ion batteries. It’s like G1100, but better. It’s 30% smaller and offers 140 percent more power, making it an ideal travel companion.


  • 2A output can charge larger-engined vehicle batteries
  • Can charge lithium batteries
  • Can detect batteries at just 1-volt charge
  • Override feature to charge batteries with 0 volts charge


  • Only a 3-year warranty


The NOCO has a lot to offer at a great price and is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a trickle charger that can also charge larger vehicle batteries.

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What is s trickle charger?

A trickle charger is designed to maintain your vehicle’s battery while the vehicle is not being used. They use sophisticated electronics to detect, monitor, and charge your battery to the optimum charge level.

Can trickle chargers recover a heavily sulfated battery?

No, trickle chargers are designed primarily to maintain your battery at the optimum charge. However, in this test, the Schumacher SC1343 does have sulfation detection and an automatic desulfation mode.

You can find methods to recondition a heavily sulfated battery here: How To Recondition A Car Battery That Won’t Hold Charge

Are trickle chargers good for recovering very flat batteries?

The answer to this depends on the model of the trickle charger. In this test, both the Schumacher and the NOCO are designed to recover very flat batteries.

How l does it take to charge a battery fully?

The charging time for a battery will depend on many factors, such as the current voltage level of the battery, the amperage of the battery, if it is sulfated, the outside temperature, and how old the battery is.

A flat battery can take many hours or even days to fully charge with a trickle charger, but most chargers have indicators on the front panel to show when charging is complete.

For more details: How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery?

If I Unplug The Charger, Do I Need To Disconnect It From The Battery?

Yes, you should always disconnect the charger from the battery when you unplug the charger. If you leave it connected, there may be a small drain on

1 thought on “Schumacher SC1343 vs Battery Tender Plus vs Noco Genius2: Which Is The Best Trickle Charger?”

  1. I’ve owned the Schumacher SC1343 for about 3 years. When the battery in my 2012 Subaru Forrester went totally dead (a door was left ajar, so the interior lights stayed on for a week) the charger had no problem recharging the battery enough to start the car easily after only a few hours. Now I leave it plugged in constantly because of how little I drive. (Under 1000mi/yr) This little charger keeps my car battery fully charged, so the claim about it being useful only for motorcycles and other small engines is nonsense. Although the box the charger came in said it was only good for maintaining small batteries, not for charging, I chalk that up to Schumacher wanting to upsell to their pricier models.

    While my 2.5L, 4 cylinder engine isn’t large, it’s not exactly a slouch either. I would recommend this little charger to anyone with a four-cylinder automobile.

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