Best Greenworks Batteries Review 2022

Greenworks has been producing outdoor power equipment and batteries since 2007. The company has quickly grown and now has offices around the world.

The company is known for its quality battery-powered tools and innovation. Greenworks batteries come in a range of sizes, and power ratings, from 24-volt to 80-volt. In this review, we look at two of their most popular varieties, the 40 volts, and the 80 volts ranges.

Greenworks Battery Buying Guide [4 Key Features]

Battery Size

The Greenworks lithium-ion batteries use the latest technology to pack the same power inside a smaller case. The same technology significantly reduces the weight of the battery, allowing you to work for longer. Ni-Cad batteries with similar power are much larger and heavier.


The higher the voltage rating, the more power, and torque the tool will have. Small electric screwdrivers are fine on 24 volt systems, but where more power is required, look at 40 or 80-volt power tools.


The amp-hour rating (Ah) is an indication of how long the battery will last. Using a power tool drawing 1 amp of current, a 2 Ah Greenworks battery will last approximately two hours. A 4Ah has more space available to store more energy, so it provides power to cordless tools for longer. 4Ah battery will provide power for twice as long as a 2Ah battery.

Charging time

There’s nothing worse than getting partway through a job and having a flat battery. You then have to wait while the battery recharges, which could take several hours for a large-capacity battery.

The charging time increases with the amp-hour capacity of the battery. Spare Greenworks batteries can be purchased in various sizes.

Best Greenworks Batteries 40V

Greenworks 29472 G-MAX 40V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery

Greenworks 29472
Greenworks 40V 4.0Ah Battery
Greenworks 29472 is perfect for those who need a longer 40V battery for garden tools. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge and it will hold a full charge until it is used again.

The Greenworks 29472 40V battery is one of the most powerful available in the 40-volt range. The lithium-ion battery gives long-lasting power, packing a 4Ah punch. Depending on the tool and application, the battery will typically last for around 45 minutes to an hour.

The benefit of lithium-ion technology is that the battery gives full power even at low charge levels. Fast charging of just 120 minutes gets you up and running again quickly.

Greenworks 29472 is the best Greenworks battery for lawn and garden tools at the most reasonable price.
Greenworks 40V battery has 4-level LED indicators to show the battery’s charging status.


  • Quick charging
  • Suitable for multiple tools
  • Easy change design
  • LED power indicator
  • Lightweight for a 4 Ah battery
  • Up to 2,000 charge cycles


  • Almost double the weight of the 2 Ah battery
  • Long charging time compared to more powerful 80V batteries

Who is it for?

The Greenworks 29472 battery is perfect for anyone that needs a little longer battery life while working on the garden. With the 4 Ah rating, it should last twice as long as the equivalent 2 Ah version.

Greenworks 29462 40V 2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Greenworks 29462
Greenworks 29462 40V 2.0 Ah Battery
Greenworks 29462 is a perfect battery for the small garden areas. Also, you will find it easy to snap the battery in and out of tools with the locking mechanism.

The Greenworks 29462 40V is the lowest powered battery in the 40-volt range. It offers a balance between power and cost, making it ideal for gardeners to tend to smaller areas.

This battery has the full range of G-Max 40-volt tools, making it a perfect addition to your power tool armory. With 2 Ah of power, the Greenworks battery has enough punch for most jobs and can be recharged in 60 minutes.


  • Good power for size
  • Charging time of just 60 minutes
  • Lightweight
  • LED power indicator
  • 2,000 charge cycle life


  • Short work time, particularly in high power tools
  • Almost the same size as 4Ah battery but half the power

Who is it for?

The 2 Ah version of the Greenworks 40-volt battery is ideal for the smaller garden areas. If you love the convenience of battery-powered tools and only have 1/4 of land, this could be the battery for you.

Best Greenworks 80V Batteries

Greenworks PRO GBA80200 80V 2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Greenworks PRO GBA80200
Greenworks PRO GBA80200 80V 2Ah Battery
Greenworks PRO is a perfect 80V battery when you need more power for your large yard and garden. Short charging time with 30 minutes provides enough power for 40 mins working time.

For serious cord-free gardening power, look at the 80-volt battery range from Greenworks. The 80-volt is the top range of batteries designed for the home gardener, with plenty of power. In the 2 Ah version, it provides enough charge for working on a one-acre yard.


  • Forty-minute working time
  • Very short charging time. Just 30 minutes
  • Two-year warranty
  • LED power indicator
  • Lightweight


  • Cost compared to equivalent 40v system
  • Same run time as cheaper 40V 4Ah battery

Who is it for?

If you have a large yard and garden to manage, then the 80-volt system could be for you. It could justify the price with longer working times and shorter charging times than the equivalent 40-volt system.

Greenworks PRO GBA80400 80V 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Greenworks PRO GBA80400
Greenworks PRO GBA80400 80V 4Ah Battery
GBA80400 is the most powerful battery for cordless tools with a 1-hour running time. It’s worth for spending more money on a great performance and fast recharging battery like this.

For serious working power and time, then consider the Greenworks PRO GBA80400 80V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. With enough power to run your garden power tools for at least an hour, it’s perfect for the larger yard.

As with all Greenworks batteries, it features an LED power indicator to keep you informed. This is particularly useful in larger yards, so you can head back to your garage before the battery dies.

When the charge does run out, the recharge time is just 60 minutes. This is exceptionally quick for such a powerful battery and a significant advantage.


  • Powerful
  • Long run time
  • Short charging time of just 60 minutes
  • Can be used on all Greenworks 80-volt tools
  • Fade free power


  • Not as compact as other 3 Greenworks batteries in this review
  • Pricey

Who is it for?

The 80-volt range is aimed at anyone with a sizeable yard to maintain. The one-hour running time and 60-minute recharge will mean you spend less time waiting for the battery and more time in the yard working.


What is the difference between a 2.0 Ah battery and a 4.0 Ah battery?

The simple difference is that a 4Ah battery should last twice as long as a 4Ah battery. However, other factors may affect the runtime of the battery.

Can I use a 4ah battery instead of 2ah?

Yes, this is perfectly fine. So long as the battery has the same voltage rating, and is designed to fit, then it will increase the tool’s working time.

How long do Greenworks batteries last?

All rechargeable batteries have a finite working life, which will vary depending on how the battery is maintained. Greenworks batteries are built to high standards and come with a 2-year workmanship warranty. Greenworks batteries have a high charging cycle capacity, and most will last for up to 2,000 charges.

How long does Greenworks 40v battery last?

Many factors affect how long a Greenworks 40-volt battery will last. The main element is the amp-hour (Ah) capacity. For example, a power tool that uses 1 ampere of current, should run for around 2 hours with a 2Ah battery. With a 4Ah battery, it will last approximately 4 hours.

Are Greenworks 40v batteries interchangeable?

Yes, if they are designed for that particular tool. You can use any amp-hour rated 40-volt Greenworks battery if it was intended for that model of tool.

Is higher voltage better for cordless tools?

The short answer is yes. A higher battery voltage means the device has more power than a lower voltage tool. The higher voltage provides more torque and requires less current. This means the battery will work for longer. The trade-off is that larger batteries will be heavier.

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