Noco Genius2 vs Genius5 vs Genius10: Which Is An Overpriced Charger?

Noco is a company that has become synonymous with all things related to battery charging and other battery-related devices. This review will look at three battery chargers in the Noco Genius Range: Genius 2, Genius 5, and Genius 10.

Many features of the three battery chargers will be the same, so we will focus more on the differences and why you should choose one over the other.


Noco Genius2
Noco Genius2
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Noco Genius5
Noco Genius5
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Noco Genius10
Noco Genius10
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Compatibility+ 6/12V lead-acid
+ Lithium-ion batteries
+ 6/12V lead-acid
+ Lithium-ion batteries
+ 6/12V lead-acid
+ Lithium-ion batteries
Charging current
Charging time (for 12V 40 Ah battery)
15 hours
6 hours
3 hours
Thermal Compensated
Reverse polarity protection
Overcharging prevention
Reconditioning function
12V Repair Mode
12V Supply Mode
6V AGM Mode
3.43 x 4.25 x 6.97
4.61 x 3.43 x 7.95
4.41 x 4.48 x 9.1
3 years
3 years
3 years

Key Things Noco Genius2 vs. 5 vs. 10 Have In Common

Coming from the same range, these three battery chargers are bound to have some similar features, so we briefly cover them here.


All three chargers follow the Noco style in their design, with the Genius 2 and Genius 5 only distinguished by the model number printed on the front cover. The Genius 10 is a little larger, with a slightly different front panel.

Thermal compensation

Ambient temperatures have a big effect on battery charging. All three of the Genius models on test use Noco’s new integrated thermal sensor to prevent overcharging or undercharging. The sensor can


The three Genius models are all capable of charging 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Lead-acid batteries can give off explosive gasses, so safety is essential. The three battery chargers on review all provide reverse polarity protection and overcharging protection.

Advanced Diagnostics

Noco has developed advanced diagnostics, testing a battery’s voltage, internal condition, and level of sulfation. Using the information gained, the Genius chargers can automatically repair and improve your battery’s performance.

Safety and Protection

The diagnostics also check if you have connected to the wrong voltage battery, reversed the polarity, or a bad battery.


You won’t be surprised to learn that all three chargers have the same 3-year warranty.

Noco Genius 2 vs. 5 vs. 10: Key Differences Explained

Features and Functions

12V Supply Mode- Unique Feature In Genius 10

This feature is only available on the Genius 10 and allows the battery charger to be used as a 12V 10A power supply. The 12V DC supply mode can be used to power any 12V device and is useful for testing purposes.

Charging Current

This feature is only available on the Genius 10 and allows the battery charger to be used as a 12V 10A power supply. The 12v DC supply mode can be used to power any 12V device and is useful for testing purposes.

Repair Mode – New Feature In Upgraded Versions

Both the Genius 5 and 10 feature a 12V repair mode, which you can select from the battery charger’s front panel. This is in addition to the automatic repair process that all the chargers have and carries out a more detailed repair procedure.

The repair mode takes four hours and can repair batteries the auto repair function cannot. The 12V repair mode is specifically aimed at bringing back to life damaged, heavily sulfated, and old batteries.


All three battery chargers have the same Noco company style, with the Genius 2 and Genius 5 being almost identical.

The Genius 10, however, is substantially larger than the other two, with a different front panel. Where the Genius 5 is just under 7 inches long, the Genius 10 is a little over 9 inches, and around an inch larger in width and depth.

The Genius 5 sits in between the other two models in terms of size.

Supported Batteries

Battery Amperage

While each of the Genius battery chargers will support 6V and 12V batteries, they are designed for different amperage batteries. The Genius 2 will charge batteries up to 40 Ah, the Genius 5 batteries up to 120 Ah, and the Genius 10 up to 230 Ah batteries.

6V AGM batteries

Only the Genius 10 is capable of charging 6V AGM batteries. All the others have 6V modes but not the specific features required for 6V AGM batteries.

Charging Time

Charging times will depend on many factors, but mainly the output amps of the charger and the size of the battery. The time spent on charging a flat 12V 40Ah battery with the Genius 2 will be 15 hours, the Genius 5, 6 hours, and the Genius 10 just 3 hours.


The Genius 2 has the least features and power, so it is understandably the cheapest, at around $40. Adding many useful additional features and a big jump in power, the Genius 5 is excellent value at approximately $70. Last of all, the Genius 10 has just about everything you could think of and will set you back around $100.

Which Noco Battery Charge Should You Buy?

Genius 2: Best For Motorcycle Owners

NOCO GENIUS2 2-Amp Smart Charger
Genius2 comes in at a budget price to bring an automotive battery back from the dead. With smart features, this charger takes away the danger when charging. It’s also great that you can bring it around on trips with its portable size.


  • Affordable price under $50
  • Small size


  • Limited to smaller batteries
  • Slower charging with maximum 2Ah output


The Genius 2 is aimed at the small car or motorcycle owner, as it is limited to a maximum of 40Ah batteries. Buy the Genius 2 if you own a small vehicle and do not expect to buy anything larger in the near future.

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Genius 5: The Perfect Charger For Most Vehicles

NOCO GENIUS5 5-Amp Smart Charger
Noco Genius5 charger can successfully charge zero-volt batteries with the force feature. Just charge your battery and switched the charger to recovery, it will bring the battery back to life.


  • Good range of features
  • Charges an extensive range of batteries
  • Able to recondition aging batteries


  • Maximum charging capacity of 120Ah


For most small or medium car owners, the Genius 5 has enough power to charge and recondition your battery without breaking the bank. The Genius 5 is ideal for most buyers, as it can charge and repair a broad range of batteries.

Genius 10: Best For Heavy Duty Cars/ Trucks

NOCO GENIUS10 10-Amp Smart Charger
GENIUS10 is UPGRADED in every aspect. It charges most types of batteries regardless of 6V or 12V, Gel or lithium. More features of 12V Repair Mode, 12V Supply Mode, and priced cheaper.


  • Super range of features
  • Will charge just about any battery you give it
  • Can charge 6V AGM batteries


  • High price at around $100
  • Pay for more features than the average user needs


The Genius 10 is aimed at owners of larger cars, particularly those with large diesel engines with powerful batteries. Buy the Genius 10 if you need to charge a range of different batteries, including powerful batteries up to 230 Ah.


Can I jump-start my car with these battery chargers?

No, the reviews’ products are only battery chargers, and they do not have an internal battery for jump-starting your car.

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How long are the charger’s cables?

Both the power supply cable and the charging cables that connect to the battery are six feet long. You can also use an extension lead for the mains power supply side if you need it.

Will the chargers maintain my battery after charging?

Yes, all three of the Genius battery chargers on review will automatically switch into maintenance mode once your battery is fully charged.

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