CR2 vs. CR123 Battery – Which Is Your Best Option?

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There are many devices you use at home or at work that will need batteries to power them. In most cases, such devices tend to use CR2 or CR123 batteries.

These batteries are prevalent not only because they can provide energy to devices for long periods. Plus, unlike some other batteries, you’ll find that these tend to be a lot more affordable.

You will probably find that the device uses CR2 batteries to provide it with the power it needs. However, you may find it worthwhile thinking about replacing it with a CR123 battery instead. Below we look at the CR2 battery vs CR123.

CR2 vs CR123 Similarities

These two batteries are very similar in some ways but different in others.

The first thing that is the same with these two batteries is that they are both 3-volt. It is essential to change a 3-volt battery with another 3 volts. If you don’t, batteries with a higher voltage can cause severe damage to the device you place them in.

The second feature that these two both have is that they are both made from lithium. Lithium is a very light metal that provides them with the highest energy density of any battery you can buy today.

Thirdly, they share the same technology and are not rechargeable. These batteries have a long run time as they have a lower discharge rate. These, on average, will lose around 5% of their charge each month. In turn, this helps to provide them with a longer run time compared to comparably sized batteries.

CR2 vs CR123: Differences To Consider Before Buying

 SimilaritiesLengthDiametermAh RatePrice
27mm15.6mm400-800Check Price
34.5mm17mm1,500-2,500Check Price
Comparison table of CR2 & CR123 Batteries

Physical Size

You need to look closely at the space into which the battery you are replacing fits. It is crucial as a CR123 battery is slightly longer than a CR2.

The CR123 battery is 34.5mm long and 17mm in diameter while the CR2 measures 27mm in length and 15.6mm in diameter. So you may find that replacing a CR2 battery with a CR123 isn’t possible.

mAh Rating

There is a big difference in the mAh rating of CR2 to a CR123 battery. The CR2 battery has a mAh rating of 400 to 800. In contrast, the CR123 comes with a mAh rating of 1,500 to 2,500, which means that the CR123 battery can provide power to devices for considerably more prolonged periods.

If you took a look at the CR123 battery against the CR2 battery from Duracell, you would see that the CR123 has double the capacity of the CR2.

The difference in these batteries’ mAh leads to a difference in their running times.

Even though the CR123 comes with a higher mAh rating, it will not affect how efficiently the device works. The only difference is that you won’t need to change the batteries in the machine as often if you use a CR123 battery instead of a CR2.

In most cases, you will find that a CR2 battery can provide power to devices for 5.5 to 8 hours before it needs replacing. Whereas when it comes to the CR123, this battery can provide energy for 6 to 50 hours. How long each battery can provide power depends on how often and how long you use the device.

Are CR2 and CR123 Interchangeable?

Often people get confused and think the CR2 and CR123 batteries are pretty much the same. Both are popular in handheld devices such as torches, flashlights for cameras, and gaming console controllers.

Both of these batteries hold a great deal of power that they can discharge over long periods. But you need to be aware that although they are 3-volt batteries, they do differ in size. It means that you may not be able to change a CR2 with a CR123. 

Are CR123 Batteries Better Than CR2?

Many people would say that a CR123 battery is better than a CR2. They say this because not only is this battery slightly bigger in size, but it also contains more energy. On average, the CR123 battery comes with 60% more power than the CR2.

The CR123 is also better than the CR2 as it comes with a much higher current draw. Meaning it will provide more power to the device. For example, the light that emits from your torch will be a lot brighter if it uses CR123 batteries.

However, if the device needs smaller batteries, you better fit it with CR2 ones.

CR123 Batteries Recommendations

Best Long Lasting CR123 Battery

Duracell CR123
Duracell CR123 Batteries (6 Count)
Duracell batteries are great for replacing dead batteries in security systems and reserving for the next time with their long 10-year shelf life. It’s nice to buy these batteries at Amazon at a good price since they can be hard to find anywhere locally sometimes.

Looking for a battery to put in a camera or the handheld control for your gaming console, then the Duracell CR123 high-power lithium battery is a good choice. This battery has been designed specifically for use in these types of devices that use a lot of power.

It may only come with 3 volts but has a mAh rating of 1400, so it will provide lots of power when needed for a long time. Plus, you’ll find that these batteries preserve a lot of their energy for longer than some other batteries. It is one of the reasons why they will last longer.

Best CR123 Battery For High-Tech Devices

Energizer CR123
Energizer CR123 Batteries (6 Count)
These batteries are long-lasting even in hot and cold weather, which are perfect for security cameras, alarm systems. At the supermarket, it might cost you $15 for just 2 batteries, so this good deal from Amazon allows you to buy more and stock up.

If you want batteries for your high-tech devices that not only last for a long time but also have an impressive shelf life. Then you’ll find that the Energizer 123 lithium battery is an excellent choice. It comes with a mAh rating of 1500.

Not only do they offer fantastic battery life, but they are also dependable. They can be relied on to be ready when you need them the most. Like other lithium CR123 batteries, these come with a shelf life of up to 10 years.

Best CR123 Battery With A High mAh Rating

SureFire SF12-BB
SureFire CR123 Batteries Box (12 Count)
These batteries are long-lasting and work great for surefire flashlights, firearm accessories, Arlo camera, etc. Good quality for those who love trusted brand products made in the USA, at an unbeatable price!

When looking for a replacement battery for a torch or camera with a high mAh rating, then look no further than the SureFire SF12-BB battery, as it comes with a 1,550 mAh rating—the highest of all the three CR123 batteries we recommend.

Not only does it provide you with a lot of power in such a small package. You’ll find it offers constant voltage for up to 95% of its entire life. But this, of course, depends on how often the battery needs to provide power to the device.

CR2 Batteries Recommendations

Best CR2 Battery For Everyday Electronics

Energizer CR2
Energizer CR2 Battery (2 Count)
Great quality batteries for electronic tools, especially range finders. You will find these batteries to be less expensive than buying them from the big box store. This is a wise choice for powering up the tools or having a spare.

The Energizer CR2 lithium battery is the best for use in everyday electronics. It will provide any device with a reliable source of power at all times. The mAh rating of 800 will ensure that this battery can provide power to a device for long periods.

Not only are these batteries powerful but also very durable and come with considerably long battery life. They also discharge power to the device slowly. Have the capability of holding power for up to 10 years while kept in storage. Ideal for use in cameras, CD players, and portable speakers

Best Price CR2 Battery

Amazon Basics CR2
Amazon Basics CR2 Batteries (4 Count)
We recommend these if you’re looking to spend the least. It is a bit faster draining than the original battery that came with the sensor. But no brand else can beat this CR2 on cost unless you buy very large quantities.

Suppose you need a battery that provides precise energy while perfectly aligning with the device’s various functions. Then look no further than the Amazon Basics CR2 battery, which comes with a mAh rating of 800.

This lithium battery is perfect for devices that need a great deal of power, like torches and digital cameras. Plus, these batteries will work well no matter whether the temperature is hot or cold.

As each pack contains a total of 4 batteries in each one, you’ll find that these are among the most affordable available. They may cost less but still over the same features in similar batteries from well-known manufacturers.


So when it comes to replacing the batteries in your camera or torch, you should consider getting either CR2 or CR123 ones. Of course, before you do, make sure that the battery is the right size for the space into which you will be placing it. Also, make sure that the battery replaced is of the same voltage as the CR2 and CR123 batteries.

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