3 Best Kinetik Batteries Review 2022

Running a serious audio system in your car, then you need the heavy-duty power a Kinetik battery can supply.

In this review, we will look at three batteries from the Kinetik HC product range. All three batteries are from Kinetik’s HC-Blu entry-level range, which offers outstanding performance at this pricing level.

Benefits of installing a car audio battery

The standard battery installed in your car provides enough performance to keep the standard electrical systems working.

It will cope with small increases in electrical power demands. But add bass boxes and high-power amplifiers, and you could run into trouble.

Common problems are the car lights dimming in time with the bass. Or the standard battery continually going flat because your audio system is draining too much current.

They design the Kinetik Blu range of batteries as powerful second batteries run car your audio system. Depending on which size of battery you chose, you can also use it as the main battery for your vehicle.

Best Kinetik Batteries Review

Let’s take a first look at the Comparison Table of the 3 best Kinetik batteries for audio systems:

Kinetik HC2400
Kinetik HC2400
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Kinetik HC800
Kinetik HC800
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Kinetik HC600
Kinetik HC600
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Customer Rating
PriceKinetik HC2400 priceKinetik HC800 priceKinetik HC600 price
Size (inches)13 x 6.7 x 8.56.5 x 8 x 5.5 7 x 3 x 6.5
Amp Hours 110 Ah35 Ah18 Ah
Weight69 pounds21.1 pounds11.2 pounds
Warranty1 year1 year1 year

1. Kinetik HC2400 2400 Watt Car Audio Battery

Kinetik HC2400
Kinetik HC2400 2400 Watt Car Audio Battery
HC2400 is the best choice for a second battery in your car. It is the most powerful one on our list with 2400w output, therefore, it can run your subs and whole audio system without your engine running.

This AGM battery is one of the most powerful in the Kinetik range. It’s only beaten by the Kinetik HC3800. As the model name suggests, the HC2400 can pump out 2400 watts. Enough power to keep your amplifiers working even under the toughest of conditions.

If you are suffering from dimming lights and flat starter batteries, then this is the solution for you.

Supplying 2400 watts of power, the Kinetik HC2400, your bass will be pumping, keeping your lights bright as ever. With so much power, the HC2400 can run your subs and whole audio system, with or without your engine running.

Fit the HC2400 and you’ll notice superior cold engine cranking and no loss of audio performance.

For the ultimate setup, fit an isolator to separate the HC2400 from your starter battery. Fitted like this, you’ll never have a problem with your subs not performing when you need it.

The sealed lead-acid and absorbent glass matt construction of the HC2400 has many advantages. It is leak-free, maintenance-free, and you can fit the battery in any position.


  • 110 Amp-hour rating
  • 2400 watt power output
  • Leak-free
  • You can fit the battery at any angle
  • Long reliable working life


  • Large size – modifications may be required for fitment
  • Only a one-year warranty

Final Verdict

This is a potent battery that will give your audio a powerful bass without dimming the lights. Its modern leak-proof technology means it is perfect to fit in any location.

You may need to upgrade your alternator and install an isolator to make the best use of this battery.

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2. Kinetik HC800 BLU Lead Acid Car Audio Battery

Kinetik HC800
Kinetik HC800 BLU AGM Car Audio Battery
HC800-BLU is a perfect additional battery for mid-range car audio sound systems. Just add HC800 in parallel, your audio is upgraded, and you can enjoy great music when the engine isn’t running.

HC800 uses the sealed lead acid and absorbent glass mat technology used in modern high-performance batteries.

The ventless design of the HC800 allows it to be fitted in any position on your vehicle. It’s excellent on smaller cars where space is at a premium, or you want to lay the battery on its side.

Despite the Kinetik battery’s small size, it packs a powerful 800 watts of power and a 35 amp hour rating. With HC800 battery powering your car audio system, dimming of your lights and poor bass performance will be a thing of the past.

If you upgrade your audio, simply add another HC800 in parallel and carry on enjoying great music.

The super-strong reinforced ABS plastic case of the battery will resist vibration and heat. The added strength protects the power cells and increasing the battery life.

If you don’t want to fit a second battery just for your audio, then the Kinetik 800 watt could be an excellent choice to replace your standard battery.

With 750 amps cranking power, and high voltage performance under load, the HC800 has the performance to run your car and its audio.


  • 35 Amp-hour rating
  • 800-watt power output
  • Lightweight
  • No external vents
  • Leak-proof


  • One-year warranty
  • Doesn’t include active testing

Final Verdict

At a lower pricing point, the HC800 offers a reliable battery for mid-range audio systems without breaking the bank. Its use of modern close-fitted lead cells gives higher performance, particularly in high voltage demand situations.

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3. Kinetik HC600 Black Lead Acid Car Audio Battery

Kinetik HC600 BLU
Kinetik HC600 BLU Lead Acid Car Audio Battery
Kinetik 600w provides the power to reach over 180 dB, it is perfect for modern high current audio amplifiers at a low price.

For low-power audio systems or where you want to update the standard battery, then consider the HC600 Blu. The powerful 600-watt output is perfect for medium power car audio systems and takes the strain off your regular battery.

The HC600 is built using the sealed lead acid and absorbent glass matt technology that features in the whole Blu Kinetik battery range. Thanks to the SLA/AGM technology, the battery can be fitted in any position and is guaranteed to be leak-free.

Where cost is an issue, replace your standard car battery with Kinetik HC600, instead of as an additional battery. Despite its small size, the HC600 can produce 600 cranking amps and has an hour rating of eighteen Ah.

The design features densely packed plates to provide consistent high voltage under load conditions.

For higher power, the HC600 can be connected in parallel with your car battery or other Kinetik batteries. This is an excellent way of increasing the power output of your system without needing to replace your current battery.


  • Amp-hour rating is 18 Ah
  • 600-watt power output
  • Small size
  • Can replace almost any standard car battery
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for modern high current audio amplifiers
  • Good price


  • One-year warranty
  • Poor battery terminal quality

Final Verdict

Despite being the baby of the three Kinetik batteries on review here, the HC600 packs a punch. Providing 600 watts of real power, the Kinetik can efficiently run a low to mid standard car audio system.

Plus, it will still have the ability to crank the engine. When you upgrade your audio, it’s a simple matter to increase your battery power by putting another HC600 in parallel.

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Things To Consider When Installing A Car Audio Battery

The main reason for adding a second battery is to run accessories, such as your audio system, when the engine isn’t running.

Your standard car battery and electrical system are designed to start the engine and run the electrical systems. The alternator provides enough power to charge the battery and keep everything running.

So adding an extra battery will give you more power, right?

Well, it’s not as simple as that!

Alternator and isolator

Installing a second, much larger battery may cause other problems. The alternator may not be powerful enough to charge both batteries. In this situation, you are likely to end up with no power to start your engine. This causes strain on the whole charging and electrical system.

When you are driving around, the alternator is trying to provide enough power to charge the car battery and run your accessories. If you then add another battery to charge, it can’t cope, and you may see dimming lights and other issues.

So what is the alternative?

Well, adding a second battery purely for your audio can be a good idea, but you may have to upgrade the alternator and possibly fit a battery isolator.

Upgrading the alternator is an added expense and complication you may not want unless you are really dedicated. It will eradicate the issue, though.

The alternative is to either connect the audio system directly to the new Kinetik battery or fit an isolating switch. Using an isolating switch, you select which battery is being charged and running the electrical systems.

This is great if you like to park up and show off your audio system. It means your battery for starting the car won’t discharge while you are parked, and you won’t need an embarrassing jump start!


Other things to consider when installing a second battery include:

  • Do you have space for the battery, and how will you mount it securely?
  • What wattage do you need to power your audio system?
  • If you are replacing your standard battery, will the new one have enough cranking power?
  • The Kinetik Blu batteries have high cranking power, but you must check your car manufacturer’s data.

Final Thoughts

Adding a second battery may be a necessity if you install a high-power audio system in your car. The Kinetik batteries reviewed here offer a range of sizes depending on your needs.

It’s also essential to work out the size of the battery you need in terms of wattage, amp-hours, and cranking power before ordering. You should also decide if the battery is going to be dedicated to just your audio or connected to the charging system.