Best Interstate Battery Review 2022 [Are these worth the money?]

These days there is a wide selection of different batteries that other vehicles used in a wide array of . But with so many to choose from, which of the various brands available should you consider buying. Interstate is one brand of batteries that are popular and can be purchased right across the USA.

Even though Interstate batteries are popular, are they worth the money and better than other brands such as Diehard and Optima? Below, we will look at Interstate batteries and compare them to the two we’ve just mentioned.


Interstate 12V 110AhInterstate 12V 110Ah

Group 31: 12.99x6.81x8.35 in

Supported vehicles: Wheelchairs, trolling motors, RVs

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Interstate 12V 55AhInterstate 12V 55Ah

Size: 9.02x5.43x8.27 in

Supported vehicles: Wheelchairs, ATVs, electric scooters

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Interstate 12V 5AhInterstate 12V 5Ah

Size: 3.54x2.76x3.98 in

Supported devices: Garage doors, security systems, burglar alarms

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Interstate 12V 8AhInterstate 12V 8Ah

Size: 5.94x2.56x3.70 in

Supported devices: Home security systems (Ademco, Honeywell)

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Interstate 6V 4.5AhInterstate 6V 4.5Ah

Size: 2.76x1.85x4.02 in

Supported devices: Medical devices such as blood pressure monitors


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Interstate 12V 9AhInterstate 12V 9Ah

Size: 2.56x3.7x5.94 in

Supported devices: Generators

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Who Actually Makes Interstate Batteries?

Originally Johnson Control and Exide made these batteries. However, today you will find that Brookfield Business Partners and Exide Technologies now make these batteries.

Where Does The Interstate Battery Rank?

These batteries tend to rank well in consumer reports and reviews. Generally, you will find that when ranked against their competitors, they tend to rank in 2nd or 3rd place, depending on specific features.

For example, when it comes to product quality, most people tend to rank these 2nd against the likes of comparable models.

As for customer service, they tend to rank well because they have so many distributors where you can go for assistance.

Are Interstate Batteries Worth The Money?

How Long Do Interstate Batteries Typically Last?

These days there are just three companies in the USA that make batteries. These are East Penn, Exide and Johnson Controls. So when it comes to “brand”, it doesn’t mean much concerning how long a battery lasts.

What matters when to longevity is how it is used and the kind of climate you live in. But typically, you should expect a battery to last for between two and five years before it needs replacing. However, if you live in a colder climate, expect your battery to last a little longer.

Are Interstate Good When Compared With Their Competitors?

Today there are just three company’s left in the USA that make batteries. These are Exide, East Penn and JC (Johnson Controls). However, the same company made many are by when it comes to the various battery brands available.

For example, Diehard is made by the same company that make Interstate batteries.

When comparing the various batteries, you can get these days. It is much better to look closely at their price and the warranty. Below, we compare Interstate with Diehard and Optima to decide which battery suits your needs the best.

Which Industry Is Each Brand Famous For?

You may be surprised to learn that not all of them are created equal when it comes to batteries. You must choose the best battery that meets your particular requirements. Below we look at what batteries each of the brands below are famous for.

Interstate vs Optima vs Diehard Batteries


This brand offers a wide array of different batteries to meet a wide variety of different needs. They are famous for their high-quality batteries in golf carts, man lifts, and backup for security systems.

But having said that, they also produce an excellent range of batteries for cars, trucks, both personal and commercial. Also, there is a good range of batteries for use in RV’s, marine vehicles, utility vehicles, and motorcycles.

See Interstate here:

Interstate 12V 110 AH SLA/AGM

Interstate 12V 110 AH SLA/AGM



You will find that people usually use Optima in the US and worldwide in a wide array of different vehicles. Recreational vehicles, along with water sports and marine owners can also use it.

These days, you can use Optima to provide power to portable generators, electric vehicles, cars, trucks, and RV’s.

Buy Otima Group 35 RedTop Starting Battery here:

Optima 35 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima 35 RedTop Starting Battery



Just like the above two brands, you’ll find Diehard offers a wide array of batteries that a variety of different applications can use in.

Their batteries are suitable for use in motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, ATVs, golf carts, and small engine machines in gardens such as lawnmowers. But they also produce batteries that much larger heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and farm vehicles (tractors can use in ).

They also make a range suitable for use in RVs and cars, trucks, and vans.

Price: Interstate batteries are affordable to buy

To help you better understand how the prices of batteries from different brands can vary, we look at three particular models below.

Interstate MTX-35 Optima Redtop 35 Diehard Advanced Gold
CCA 650 amps720 amps650 amps
RC 100 minutes90 minutes100 minutes
Warranty 36 months36 months36 months
Price~ $209~ $ 224~ $180

According to the table above, you can see Diehard Advanced Gold is the lowest-priced. Conversely, Optima Redtop Group 35 is the highest-priced product but don’t worry because it will be worth with money.

Warranty & Return Policies

Like other things, the warranty available on various brands of batteries does differ somewhat.

Interstate’s warranty

Finally, we come to Interstate, and these tend to come with a warranty of between 1 ½ and four years. Again it is dependent on the type of Interstate battery you buy. 

But generally, in most cases, Interstate offered a free replacement warranty of 24 months from the date when the battery was initially purchased. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, and in some cases, they offer a warranty of free replacement up to 75 months.

You will need to take your battery to an authorized Interstate warranty dealer or an All Battery Center Store with this kind of offer. But before they provide you with a replacement battery, they will carry out various tests to ensure that it is in terms of the warranty agreement.

Optima’s warranty

How long the warranty lasts varies from one make of battery to another. If you were to buy one of their blue top batteries, this only comes with a 24-month free replacement warranty on it. The same also goes for their Yellow Top battery for use in commercial vehicles.

However, the other type of Yellow Top battery, along with the Red Top, comes with a 36-month warranty.

Diehard’s warranty

Like Optima, how long the warranty depends on the type of battery, you get from this company. When it comes to Diehard batteries, these come with a free replacement warranty of between two and four years.

Also, should you choose to have a Diehard battery installed by one of their skilled technicians, it comes with a further 24 month/24,000-mile warranty as well. Plus, you are covered up to the cost of $125 should the battery need replacing.

Best Interstate Batteries Review

As mentioned above, Interstate batteries are suitable for use in a wide array of different applications. Below, we look more closely at the best-seller batteries that Interstate offers for use in marine vehicles, mowers, wheelchairs, electric scooters, and security systems and generators.

Interstate DCM0100 Group 31 Marine Battery

Interstate Group 31 Battery 12V 110 AH
Interstate Batteries 12V 110 AH Group 31
This 12-volt deep cycle marine battery has 110.00 AH and requires no maintenance. It also has a long life, making it suited for deep discharge applications and suitable for a variety of vehicles and equipment.

The DCM0100 battery uses VRLA (valve regulated) technology that prevents any spillage or over-pressurization from occurring. This Group 31 battery measures 12.99 x 6.81 x 8.35 inches and weighs in at 67.50 lbs.

This 12-volt battery deep cycle marine battery comes with 110.00 AH and is maintenance-free. It also has a long life that makes it suitable for deep discharge use. The DCM0100 battery is ideal for use in a wide array of vehicles and equipment. In addition, it works well with all 12 volts 100 AH battery applications.

The types of ways this battery can be used include providing power to wheelchairs, electric scooters, RVs, medical equipment, marine/trolling motors, and elevators and equipment that stores solar or wind energy. But it was specifically designed for use in electric scooters and wheelchairs, and other heavy-demand mobility applications.

The best way to extend the life of this battery is through regular discharging and recharging it.

Interstate DCM0055 For Mowers, Wheelchairs, Power Wheels, And Electric Scooters

Interstate Batteries 12V 55Ah
Interstate Batteries 12V 55Ah
This is particularly useful since it has the feature of allowing you to modify the direction of its mountings, as well as removable handles.

If you need to replace the battery in any of the applications above, then look no further than Interstate’s DCM0055 battery. As with the previous battery, VRLA technology made this one, ensuring that it is free from maintenance.

The sealed lead-acid battery measures 9.02 x 5.43 x 8.27 inches and weighs 37.50 lbs. This is especially good as it includes the capability of allowing you to change the orientation of its mountings. It also comes with handles that can be removed.

However, as it is only suitable for the above applications, this 12-volt battery only has 55 AH. But this is more than enough for helping to get a wheelchair, or electric scooter started. 

It is the best performer when it comes to providing power to any heavy demand wheelchairs or mobility vehicles. But be aware this isn’t a battery you should use in golf carts.

Best Interstate Batteries For Security Systems And Medical Equipment

Interstate SLA1055
Interstate SLA1055
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Interstate SLA1075
Interstate SLA1075
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<br />
Interstate SLA0905
Interstate SLA0905
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Customer Rating
PriceInterstate SLA1055 priceInterstate SLA1075 priceInterstate SLA0905 price
3.54 x 2.76 x 3.98 inches 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70 inches 2.76 x 1.85 x 4.02 inches
Ah5 Ah8 Ah4.5 Ah
Warranty1 year1 year1 year

Interstate SLA1055: For Garage Doors, Security Systems, Burglar Alarms

Interstate Batteries Power Patrol 12V 5Ah
Interstate Batteries Power Patrol 12V 5Ah
This technique aids in ensuring a stronger connection between the battery and the terminals. As a result, ensuring the proper quantity of electricity reaches the vehicle’s starting motor.

If you are looking for a suitable replacement battery for use in any of the above applications, look no further than the Interstate SLA1055 battery.

This 12-volt 5AH sealed lead acid AGM battery is going to provide you with all the necessary power. Like all their other batteries, this one uses VRLA technology to help to ensure that no spillage or over-pressurization occurs.

This technology also helps to ensure that there is a much better connection between the battery and terminals. So ensuring that the right amount of power can reach the vehicle’s starter motor.

The SLA1055 measures 3.54 x 2.76 x 3.98 inches, weighs only 3.09 lbs and comes with a 12-month warranty. So if any issues arise during this period, Interstate will happily replace the defective battery for free. Plus, when the battery needs to be replaced, it is recyclable.

Interstate SLA1075: For Wheelchairs, Riding Mowers, Security Systems, Emergency Lighting

Interstate 12V 8AH SLA
Interstate 12V 8AH SLA
This 12-volt 8AH battery is not only particularly intended for such uses, but it’s also one of the most efficient. It has a standby voltage of 13.7-13.9 volts and a cycle voltage of 14.6-14.8 volts.

Have you begun to notice that your garage door is slow to go up or down? Has your burglar alarm or a security system has started to indicate the battery needs changing? Then you really should look at getting the SLA1075 battery from Interstate.

Not only is this 12-volt 8AH battery specifically designed for use in such applications, but it is also considered one of the most efficient. It comes with a standby use of 13.7 to 13.9 volts and a cycle use of 14.6 to 14.8 volts.

Like all other interstate batteries, this one is maintenance-free and fully recyclable.

It measures 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70 inches and weighs 4.85 lbs. Again it comes with the valve regulated (VRLA) technology. Not only does this prevent over-pressurization and spillage from occurring, but it also includes much more efficient connections between the terminals.

These batteries are suitable in all major home security systems, including Honeywell, ADT, and Ademco.

Interstate SLA0905: For Medical Devices

Interstate 6V 4.5Ah Rechargeable (SLA0905)
Interstate 6V 4.5Ah Rechargeable (SLA0905)
This battery is designed for backup or cycling applications that need 50 to 150 cycles at 100% discharge. So you can rest confident that it will provide you with the power you require when you require it most.

Looking for a more efficient and affordable rechargeable battery in various medical devices such as blood pressure monitors. Then look no further than the Interstate SLA0905 6-volt 4.50 AH battery. 

This maintenance-free and recyclable battery measures a mere 2.76 x 1.85 x 4.02 inches and weighs just 1.54 lbs. But for such a compact battery, it still comes with the same VRLA (valve regulated) technology as other Interstate batteries include.

So the risk of any spillage or over-pressurisation occurring is significantly reduced. 

Again it also comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty. So, if any problems occur or the battery is defective, Interstate will replace the product free of charge.

This battery provides explicitly backup or cycling applications of between 50 and 150 cycles at 100% discharge. So you can be rest assured it will give you the power you need when you need it the most.

Best Interstate Batteries For Generators

Interstate Generator Replacement 0G9449
Interstate Generator Replacement 0G9449
This 12-volt 9-amp-hour SLA (sealed lead acid) AGM battery will provide you all the power you’ll need to start your generator.

Is the battery in your generator beginning to cause problems? Are you finding that getting the generator to start is taking longer? If it is, then now is the time to consider replacing it.

One battery worth considering replacing it with is the Interstate OG9449 Generac generator replacement battery. This 12-volt 9 Amp Hour SLA (sealed lead acid) AGM battery. It will provide you with all the power you need to get your generator up and running.

Measuring 2.56 x 3.7 x 5.94 inches and weighing 5.62 lbs, fiberglass mat separators and high cell compression help increase the battery’s life. Plus provides much better vibration resistance even when used in the most extreme conditions.

All the materials used in Interstate batteries, including this one, are of the highest quality and have been rigorously tested. But it is important to note that you must wear gloves at all times when replacing your current generator battery with this model.


Are Interstate batteries made in China?

These are some of the few brands of batteries you can buy in the US today that are still manufactured here. Previously Johnson Controls made them, but today Brookfield and Exide Technologies are providers.

Are Interstate batteries AGM?

Today most batteries made by Interstate are AGM batteries. They are a very popular replacement for Optima AGM batteries and many other brands. Their popularity arises from their better warranty cover and having service centers all over the US.

How’s the warranty on Amazon?

Amazon offers a warranty that covers against any defects in the materials or workmanship available for one year from the date you purchased it.

Unfortunately, this limited warranty becomes null and void for consumable products such as ink cartridges as soon as its consumable part (the ink) has been used.

Can you return the faulty Interstate battery?

There are certain items that you will not be able to return to Amazon. Especially, those classified as containing hazardous materials or using flammable gases or liquids.  So, unfortunately, you aren’t able to return a defective battery to them. Instead, you need to contact the manufacturer of your battery directly.

Read more about the comparison between Interstate and Deka batteries: Deka vs. Interstate Batteries – Which Should You Buy?

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