How Long Does It Take To Jump Start A Dead Battery

What could be worse when you go outside first thing in the morning, only to find your car won’t start. We’ve all been faced with this at some point. You get in your car, put the key in the ignition, and turn it, then nothing happens.

But what’s caused this to happen? Is there anything you can do that will get your car going once more? There are several reasons why your car isn’t starting, from having any fuel to the battery having no charge.

Check out our guide on jumping-start your car when the battery is dead.

How Long Does It Take To Jump A Dead Battery?

The time it takes to jump-start a dead battery can vary. In some cases, you may have got your car going again in a minute once the jumper cables have been connected to it.

However, it is essential to note that certain factors could affect how long it takes to jump-start a dead car battery.

how long does it take to jump a dead battery
Too weak battery, poor-quality jumper cables, low temperature could affect how long it takes to jump-start a dead battery

How weak is the battery?

It depends on how weak the battery in your vehicle is. If the battery has hardly any charge left, it could take several minutes to get it going again.

What kind of jumper cables do you have?

Next, it depends on the quality of the jumper cables you are using. If you are using inexpensive cables that aren’t very thick will lead to it taking longer to get energy back into the battery.

The problem with inexpensive cables is that they can’t handle much more than ten amps at any time. But thicker, more hefty style cables can carry more amperage, so they will get the starter going quicker.

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What’s the temperature outside like?

If it is cold and the temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll find it will take longer to jump-start a dead car battery than when it is warm.

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Can A Car Battery Be Too Dead To Jump Start?

The answer to this question is no, and this is because the battery in your car isn’t dead. It has just discharged all the power in it. This could have occurred because it is too cold outside or because it hasn’t been kept charged up by your vehicle’s electrical system.

So even now, you should try to give your car’s battery a jump start.

But what if the battery is dead?

If the battery is dead, there will be no residual charge left. If you connected it to a battery charger or a battery meter, it would not show any voltage.

The problem with a dead battery is that it cannot take any charge, so you will not jump-start it.

Sometimes when you think the battery in your car is dead, but it isn’t. Often there has been a short inside it, and no matter what you do, you will not be able to jump-start a battery with this issue.

Why Won’t My Car Jump Start?

Jump starting your car will only ever work if the battery’s voltage is running low and other components such as the starter motor are working correctly.

If you are having problems trying to jump-start your car, there are several reasons this is happening.

how long does it take to jump a dead battery
6 things that make my car won’t jump-start: dead or damaged battery, battery terminal problems, low-quality jumper cables, wrong connection, bad starter, bad alternator.

Battery completely dead or damaged

If there isn’t any charge left in the battery or it has shorted internally, no matter what you do, you will find you won’t be able to jump-start your car.

Problem with the battery terminals

If the terminals on the battery are loose or corroded, they will only allow a limited amount of current to be passed through. Again, this may be why getting your car started even when jump-starting is difficult.

Also, if the terminals are coated in grease or an anti-corrosion spray to keep them clean, they interfere with how effective the jumper cables are at passing a current through them.

Using low-quality jumper cables

Using jumper cables that aren’t suitable or of poor quality can prove a problem. The same goes for using jumper cables with high resistance or too long. These things can affect how much current gets passed from a good battery to a bad one.

Connection is wrong

If you were to connect the jumper cables in the wrong order, then you’ll find trying to get your car jump-started will not work. It is also dangerous to connect the cables to the battery in the wrong order.

Bad starter

Do you hear a dull clunk or click when you turn the key? If you do, this is a sign of a problem with the car starter. If this is the problem, then getting your car started just won’t happen.

Bad alternator

This equipment is what helps to recharge your car’s battery. If this isn’t working, then, of course, it will cause all manner of problems, including not getting your car started.

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Jumper Cables Melting And Smoking When Trying To Jump Start: What Are The Reasons?

A good set of jumper cables are vital for helping to get a car started that has a weak battery. As such batteries lack the power needed to make the starter turn over, a good set of cables will help get a car’s motor running.

However, many of us have little or no experience of using such. Below we offer some information to help avoid the problems mentioned above.

These are a few reasons why the jumper cables you are using are melting and smoking when you attempt to jump-start your car.

  • You have connected them in the wrong order, causing too much current to pass through them, leading to them heating up.
  • You are using cheap and poor-quality cables.
  • The jumper cables you are using are inappropriate for the intensity of the electrical current that will pass through them. This could result from the gauge of wire being used in them being too small. It then leads to them becoming hot.
  • If the amperage passing through the cables is high, it can cause them to heat it. This, in turn, can lead the coating insulating them to melt and cause smoke to appear.

How To Properly Jump A Dead Car Battery

How to jump start a dead battery with another car

Jump starting a car is usually pretty straightforward, but you must carry it out in the right way. Every year, numerous people suffer severe injuries to help others get their car going.

Below, we look at the various ways you can help get a car started without the risk of getting hurt.

Preparation steps

Before carrying out the steps below, you need to do the following.

1. Make sure that the car’s ignition and lights are turned off

2. Ensure that the batteries in both cars are of the same voltage

3. Make certain that you know which is the negative and which is the positive terminals

8 steps to jump start a dead battery with another car

When it comes to jump-starting a dead battery using another car, these are the steps you need to follow.

1. Make sure that the cars aren’t touching each other

2. Ensure that both car’s engines are turned off

3. Connect the red cable clamp to the bad battery’s positive terminal, then connect it to the good battery’s positive terminal

4. Now connect the black jumper cable clamp to the good battery’s negative terminal. Then connect the other end to a clean unpainted metal surface underneath the hood or on the ground near the disabled car.

Do not let the second clamp come into contact with the negative terminal on the bad battery as this could cause a spark and lead to an explosion.

5. Next, you need to start the good battery’s cars engine and let it run for a minute or two

6. After this time, you should attempt to start your car’s engine

7. If your car’s engine does start, then disconnect the cables in the reverse order as to how you connected them

8. Finally, you must keep the engine of your car running for at least 20 minutes

A video about how to jump start a car battery

How to jump start a dead battery without another car

If you don’t have another car you can use to help get your vehicle started, there are two other simple ways to carry this out.

Using a jump starter

Using such equipment is convenient, effective, and safe to give a dead car battery a jump start. This portable device can provide a large amount of power for a short time. It sends a powerful electrical impulse through the clips that connect to a car battery to help give it a kick-start.

Take a glance at the three best jump starters below

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Stanley J5C09


Schumacher SJ1330


Give your car a push start

With this method, you will need somebody else to help you as you’ll need them to give your car a push. To provide a vehicle with a push start, follow the steps below.

1. Ask someone to help you

2. Make sure all electrical accessories are turned off

3. Get in your car and turn the ignition on

4. For a car with a manual transmission, place it in second gear

5. Now depress the clutch, release the handbrake and ask the person helping you to give your car a push

6. As soon as your car starts to roll pretty quickly, you need to take your foot off the clutch and press down on the gas (accelerator) pedal

7. Hopefully, when you do this, you will hear the engine of your car spring into life

Having a dead battery isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. However, as we have shown above, there are still ways to help you get your car started should such an issue arise.

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Final Thought

We hope that you’ve found the information we’ve provided above helpful when it comes to knowing how long it takes to jump-start a car with a dead battery.

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